In this world there are lots of bad habits. The more time passes and the bigger, more populous and more advanced the world is, the worse and worse habits appear. Here are a few habits that we selected for you:


When you hear the words bad habits, first thing that comes to your mind is smoking. Today a lot of people smoke cigarettes and cigars, even a eighth of entire world population smokes, which is 1 billion people. Every year, 1 billion people smokes around 5,7 billion cigaretts, which is 11 million per minute.

Is it good?­

Absolutely not, it is very bad for your health and mind. It contains supstance called nicotine and others which affect your lungs. Because of nicotine which is really bad supstance, smoking becomes very addicitve. A lot of people when they try a cigarette once, they cant stop. And that’s a big problem, that is what nicotine can do.

How bad it really is?

Really, really bad. Of course, first nicotine makes you want more and becomes addictive, which means:

1. Risk of lung cancer
2. Less eating
3. Risk of asthma and other diagnostics
4. Less excercises
5. Slowed metabolism
6. Bad for muscles because of low calorie and other…

2. Drinking

Drinking is second thing that comes to your mind when you hear bad habits.

Drinking alcohol and multiple energy drinks can be deadly. Otherwise, older people are addictive to alcohol and younger are addictive to energy drinks. It is healthy to drink small amount of alcohol, like one or two glasses of wine or a little bit of rakija/brandy. But, if you don’t stop at the right time, you can get drunk. It is very bad first of all for your liver, then your whole body. Depends on a person, it can be addicitve or not.

Drinking energy drinks is far from healthy. Some of energy drinks can kill you faster than alcohol. That thing may give you more energy, but for your body it’s very interrupting. It can affect your heart very fast which cause stop of  bumping and that means death. 2-3 bottles of energy drinks can produce insomnia, vomiting, dehidration, nervousness, stomach pain and other…  Around 15-25 energy drinks to stop beating heart. That’s really dangerous.

3. Eating problems

Today most of the people have eating problems, and America stands out the most. As much as 39% American populationis overweight. And the prevailing gender are women. That’s a really big and difficult problem.

How it starts?

Well, basically, when people don’t have eating limits. They just don’t stop. That is too much food for the body and body starts to put fat in our body. Then we get heavier.

Why it is bad and dangerous and why?

Because when we get more and more overweight, we start just to eat more and more and we do less exercises. Thats really not good for our health.

It can cause cancer of liver, kidney, heart, it can cause deppresion, anxiety, diabetes, weak immune system and other…

There’s a higher risk for brain and heart attack. Some people cant even walk because of the mass their are wearing of their whole body.

So, eat less, just as more as you need, no more, and do more exercise.

4. Sleeping problems

Sleeping problems depend on a person if they love or hate to sleep.

For the people that love to sleep it is very difficult to get up or get down on time. They can have insomnia and when you have insomnia you can’t sleep, but you want but you can’t. People who sleep to much are not really healthy either, they don’t do a lot of exercises and muscles become weak.

It can’t cause some high dangerous diagnoses , but it can be very fatiguing and semi-deppresing.